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PerkinElmer boosts reagents assets with purchase of GE Healthcare’s Catalog Radiochemical products
by Amy Swinderman  |  Email the author

WALTHAM, Mass.—Seeking to enhance its reagent solution offerings, PerkinElmer Inc. announced today that it has purchased the assets of GE Healthcare's 3H and 14C Catalog Radiochemicals, Scintillation Proximity Assay (SPA) reagents and Cytostar-T plate product lines.  
The company said the acquisition adds offerings for detection and screening of potential new drugs and expands its radiolabeling and bead-based assay technologies, enabling it to provide the world's largest selection of high-quality radiolabeled compounds to the global scientific community.   
In addition, PerkinElmer said it also plans to continue to expand its NEN radiochemical portfolio, as well as offer its extensive lines of readers, nuclear counters and other high-performance instrumentation that provide customers with complete application solutions in radiometric detection.
Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.  
GE Healthcare's Catalog Radiochemical products are used for a variety of research applications, including screening of potential drug candidates through binding assays.  The SPA bead-based light-emitting assay and Cytostar-T plate technologies are offerings that enable the automation of high-throughput Screening (HTS) processes, to help drug discovery researchers quickly and accurately determine if potential new drug compounds are effective against their intended disease targets.
"PerkinElmer is delighted to announce this enhancement to our reagents assets," said Richard M. Eglen, PhD, president of Bio-discovery at PerkinElmer, in a statement. "We expect that the incorporation of these technologies will strengthen our industry-leading GPCR and kinase research product lines, and complement our HTS and research reagent solutions. This asset purchase reinforces PerkinElmer's continued position as the leading company in HTS radiochemicals and related instruments, as we remain committed to supporting critical radiochemicals-based research."
Further details on the deal will be reported in ddn's October 2009 issue.



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