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Recent work with nanoparticles offers a new approach to photo-thermal cancer therapies
(Photo credit: University of Toronto)
The PEARLs (Photothermal Enhancing Auto-Regulated Liposomes) were developed by Dr. Gang Zheng of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and University of Toronto and colleagues, who say they overcome traditional roadblocks to penetrate deeper into tumors.
MOR208 clinical trial results promising and drug is on fast track to FDA approval, company says
Transgene announced plans to move its lead candidate, TG4050, into clinical development
Company aims to develop cancer immunotherapy candidate, which is a selective inhibitor of TGFβ1 activation
Florida researchers say potential avenue for cancer treatment could be hiding in microscopic ‘molecular machine’
Florida researchers say potential avenue for cancer treatment could be hiding in microscopic ‘molecular machine’
Adaptimmune presents preclinical data for its next-generation SPEAR T cell
This year’s AACR 2019 featured Repositive demonstrating its Cancer Models Scout service with an interactive app, as well as hosting a roundtable discussion on modeling cancer metastasis in preclinical drug development
Researchers aim to determine likelihood of breast cancer recurrence
Glioblastoma remains a difficult cancer to treat, but the brain malignancy is seeing increasing attention in R&D
by Charles River Laboratories
Drs. Ulrike Herbrand, Christopher Sucato and Alvaro Jorge Amor of Charles River Laboratories discuss the challenges of bringing antibody-drug conjugates to market

by S. Anderton and M. Millar
There are currently three main approaches to characterizing the immune landscape of solid tumors: transcriptional profiling, single-cell cytometric analyses and histology; each of these disciplines brings its own benefits and, with rapid technological advances, powerful datasets are now achievable.

by Kevin Bobofchak of Lonza
A look at the importance of Th17 cells for drug discovery and look at how the use of specialized methods to confirm cellular identity provides a level of validation that has not previously been available

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