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october 2011 Volume 7, Number 10
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Taking aim at Alzheimer's
digging in the dirt
researchers at the universities
of Nottingham and maastricht
make headway in the use of the
bacteria strain Clostridia as a
way to safely and effectively
deliver drugs to tumor sites
by amy swInDerman
Scientists at the U.K.'s
University of Nottingham and the Nether-
lands' University of Maastricht are digging
deep in the fight against cancer--and they
aren't afraid to get their hands dirty.
Building on decades of research into the
drug delivery potential of a harmless soil-
dwelling bacteria, the scientists recently pre-
sented evidence showing how this strain can
specifically target cancerous tumors, and ulti-
mately, be used as a vehicle to deliver drugs
in frontline cancer therapy.
Nigel Minton, a professor of Applied Molecular
Microbiology in the faculty of Medicine and Health
Sciences at the University of Nottingham, and his
colleagues are preparing to test in clinical trials a
soil-dwelling bacteria that can specifically target
cancerous tumors. According to these researchers,
because the bacteria, Clostridia, cannot grow in the
presence of oxygen, it may be used as a vehicle to
deliver drugs to tumors without exposing healthy,
oxygenated tissue to toxicity.
PerkinElmer acquires Caliper
Life Sciences for approximately
$600 million, with eye toward
expansion into preclinical work
and companion Dx
by Jeffrey bouley
WALTHAM, Mass.--
PerkinElmer Inc. has its
sights set on strengthening its market
position for molecular imaging and detec-
tion for human and environmental health,
but is also seeking to expand into the pre-
clinical realm, companion diagnostics and
other "compelling customer solutions in a
broad range of high-growth end markets."
To those ends, the company announced in
evotec, roche to partner
on development of
alzheimer's treatment
by Kelsey KaustInen
HAMBURG, Germany--
After tackling cancer and central
nervous system diseases, longtime drug discovery part-
ners Roche and Evotec AG are setting their sights on
Alzheimer's disease (AD). The two companies signed
an exclusive worldwide agreement in early September
to develop and commercialize Evotec's MAO-B inhibi-
tor for patients suffering from AD.
"We are delighted to have Roche as our strategic part-
ner to fight Alzheimer's disease," Dr. Werner Lanthaler,
CEO of Evotec, said in a press release. "Their outstand-
ing commitment to pharmaceutical innovation makes
Roche the ideal partner to fight one of the biggest
healthcare problems of our time."
Per the agreement, Evotec will receive an upfront pay-
ment from Roche of $10 million, and could receive devel-
opment and commercial milestone payments of up to
$820 million as a result of the deal, in addition to tiered
double-digit royalties on sales. Roche will begin studies
in 2012 to demonstrate proof-of-concept, and will also
Looking beyond
imaging and detection
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Thermo Fisher Scientific
acquires Intrinsic
Bioprobes to enhance
workflow for biomarker
research and diagnostics
by lloyD Dunlap
Thermo Fisher
Scientific Inc. has enhanced its
workflow for biomarker research
and diagnostics by acquiring
Intrinsic Bioprobes Inc. (IBI), a
manufacturer of immuno-
enrichment, sample-preparation
tools used in quantitative mass
Adding IBI's consumable sam-
ple-preparation technologies to
Thermo Fisher's automated sam-
ple processing and quantitative
mass spectrometry instruments
and software creates a complete,
integrated workflow for the
quantitative detection of protein
Dr. James Ladine, global director of R&D
with Thermo Fisher's lab consumables
division, says there are two trends in
biomarker assays for PTH--greater
complexity and lower abundance. In
terms of complexity, he cites PSA as an
example of a "traditional marker" that
is being seen as more complex than
previously thought.
PTH at picograms
calIper coNtiNued oN page 16
In their recently signed Alzheimer's disease research deal, Roche
will be responsible for running and monitoring all clinical trials,
and Evotec will handle clinical development.
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pth coNtiNued oN page 30
Products like PerkinElmer's Operetta high-content
imaging system may soon be joined by Caliper's
technologies to potentially usher in a suite of
tools that create the in vitro to in vivo human
"bridge" for personalized medicine.
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