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Our readers and advertisers are selective. They don't just casually give out praise so when they had good things to say about us, we thought you should know.

I look forward to receiving DDNEWS each month, and the format makes for easy reading. Even though I think Im keeping up with the field, each month DDNEWS brings me new important information that is not covered elsewhere. Its a MUST-read."
James. N. Little, Ph.D.
i2Chem Inc.
DDNEWS is my preferred channel for timely and accurate information on the business of drug discovery. The editorial content is exceptional and on target.
Caliper Life Sciences
Nate Cosper
Senior Director Marketing
Caliper Life Sciences
I have found DDNEWS to be an excellent source for behind-the-scenes information in the drug discovery. It covers areas not commonly reported, including what innovative, small companies are doing, and what industry innovators are thinking. We find this more strategically useful to our business than the big stories covered by the usual news media.
David Chiang
Chairman and CEO
Sage-N Research, Inc.
"The particular feature about DDNEWS that I most admire and which keeps me as a regular reader of each issue is the honesty and forthrightness of your editorial content.
Most publications of your nature are afraid of offending advertisers to the extent that they avoid taking an editorial position or stand on contemporary issues. I am happy to say that this is not the case with DDNEWS. You generally 'tell it like it is.'  Congratulations, and keep up the good work!"
Edward G. Feldmann, Ph.D.
Pharmaceutical Consultant Services
"DDNEWS is one of only two trade publications that I read on a consistent basis.  It covers industry topics in a balanced, interesting, and timely manner.  Sorting articles on the basis of focus area facilitates both reading and information retrieval. The writing style (first-person quotations) and editorials make DDNEWS an enjoyable and sometimes entertaining read."

Alan Weiss, Ph.D.
Director, Strategy and Business Development
Millipore Corp.
"DDNEWS is a great source for drug development news and regulatory issues, as well as various state-of-the-art updates on drug discovery and development technologies. It is a must-read for academic entrepreneurs, and all who are interested in biotechnology."
KV Chin
Founder and President
Esclapeus Biopharmaceuticals
"After spending 24 years working in and with very large life-sciences corporations, I now provide molecular design and development support to small companies. Unfortunately, the people who need my services most often do not know where to look. Besides keeping me informed, DDNEWS has helped me establish a network of potential clients who now know that help is available."
Bob Clark
Founder & Lead Scientist
Biochemical Infometrics
DDNEWS is a must-read for keeping abreast of the rapid changes and emerging challenges of doing business in life sciences. The editors manage to not only keep pace with an often turbulent market, but also provide depth, insight and proper context into whats really happening each month. It is probably the most-borrowed, least-returned trade monthly in our office.


Martina Bielefeld-Sevigny, PhD
Vice President and General Manager
Drug Discovery and Research Reagent Solutions
PerkinElmer, Inc.
 DDNEWS sticks to its excellent ideals by searching out the 'news' behind the stories. Its newsprint feel also makes DDNEWS stand out, helping to make it what it is a genuine newspaper for the researchers and executives in biopharmaceutical discovery. Keep up the great work!
David Robinson
Alto Marketing
Weve been happily and successfully using DDNEWS for several years now. The service they are providing is always highly professional, the online newsletter and the website are a breath of fresh air, and we are impressed how things are presented online. Weve been receiving constant click-through rates for all our online activities and are convinced that we reach the right readership for AbD Serotec with DDNEWS.
Sandra Rengsberger
Media Coordinator
AbD Serotec


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