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Inside this issue:
July/August 2020
ROME Therapeutics launches with a focus on repeatome-based drug discovery...
by Kelsey Kaustinen
July/August 2020
MD Anderson touts candidate for lung and ovarian cancer, but breast therapeutic falls short ...
by Kristen Smith
July/August 2020
Roswell Park study finds aggressive prostate cancer marked by abnormal RNA splicing...
by Lori Lesko
July/August 2020
Is model complexity helping or hindering adoption?...
by Randall C Willis
Patent Docs:
U.S. Trade Representative Releases 2020 Special 301 Report
Once again this year, the report highlights compulsory licensing as a particular concern with regard to pharmaceuticals and medical devices. To read a commentary by Kevin Noonan of the "Patent Docs" blog, click here.

Editor's Focus:
July/August 2020
A look at work to bring us medicines that target regulatory regions of the genome to control the expression of genes.. [ more ]
by Dr. Eric R. Olson of Syros

July/August 2020
Representation and diversity in life-sciences research matters as much in preclinical as it does in trials.. [ more ]
by Randall C Willis

July/August 2020
Even with caution and care, sometimes vaccination goes awry, so we need to make sure we do it right for SARS-CoV-2 and not simply do it fast.. [ more ]
by Jeffrey Bouley

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