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Inside this issue:
August 2017
Quanterix, DestiNA Genomics publish study on new method for detecting liver tox biomarkers...
by H. Nathaniel Koonce
August 2017
Risk of developing AD is linked to a network of genes associated with myeloid cells...
by Ilene Schneider
August 2017
SCORR and Applied Clinical Trials release report on past and pending change for clinical trials...
by Kelsey Kaustinen
August 2017
Cell therapy meets gene therapy to advance dermatology...
by Randall C Willis
Elsevier launches The Hive 2017
Applications for showcase of pharma and biotech startup innovation close at end of August

Congress must do its job and support federal research funding
A trio of life-sciences experts chime in with a guest editorial on why talk of slashing budgets as the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, among others, is a terrible idea that needs to be challenged, denied and reversed.
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Editor's Focus:
August 2017
As gender disparity continues in STEM fields, life-sciences industry leaders released an open letter to encourage gender diversity and offer guidelines for hiring practices.. [ more ]

August 2017
As knowledge becomes more available and science more complicated, the line between amateurs and experts can seem blurred; scientists are expected to have all the answers, and those answers are supposed to be simultaneously accessible and titillating.. [ more ]
by Peter T. Kissinger

August 2017
There are still many gaps in our knowledge when it comes to how the brain works, despite how many people are affected by mental image, but efforts are underway to try and close those gaps a step at a time.. [ more ]
by Jeffrey Bouley

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